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Steam Locomotives

45305 Black 5 Alderman A.E Draper

Picture of 45305 Crewe

45305 Alderman A.E Draper at Crewe Station 10th September 2005. 45305 pulled a special charter train from Nuneaton to Crewe for the Great Gathering.

Picture of 45305 Tamworh

The train also stopped at Tamworth (Lower Level) and Lichfield Trent Valley. I caught the train at Tamworth, due to damage (vandalism) to lineside equipment at Water Orton it arrived an hour late, but it was well worth the wait! The service was operated by Vintage Trains, 45305 started it's journey from the their Tysley depot.

8F 48151

Picture of 8F 48151

At Crewe Works I was able to go up into the cab of 48151.

Diesel Locomotives