Laugh With Ludwig

Ludwig Wittgenstein
I wouldn't say my wife is... what do we mean when we say I wouldn't say.
I went to the doctors the other day...this is what I call a simple proposition, propostions represent facts, the facts are all that is the case.
My dog's got no nose...How can we picture this state of affairs?
I am in pain! Could my cat know what is meant by this?

Dear Diary.......

A student said that the advertising agency she is hoping to work for on completion of her degree is very interested in language-games.
They are 'pushing' a new brand of laxative, the use of the word 'strain' is important, 'the strain of modern life', is a key phrase in the advert, they are trying to promote the idea (idea in its everyday sense) that constipation is an affliction often suffered by dynamic young professionals. But strain could also mean straining on the toilet, this worries them greatly. In this case it is not my job to show the fly the way out of the bottle. There are very strict guidelines relating to the use (and hence meaning) of words like nozzle, strain, enervate, potty. She said that the company lawyers are checking the patent records to see if they own the rights to the word 'strain'; I told her that she may freely use the duck/rabbit picture as the logo for their new cat food Catasnack (©).
Catasnack (©) consists of the meat from a duck/rabbit hybrid creature especially developed for the pet food industry.

Lecture Notes Cambridge 1932

What is the grammar of this?
Can it be an ostensive definition?

On my way to buy a pork pie I heard a young women say "I'm so out of here." Is the I referred to the epistemological I ?