La Belle Alliance Cemetery

La Belle Alliance Cemetery is situated 3.5 km south of Boezinge near Ypres, Belgium. The cemetery was first used in February and March 1916, and then again in July and August 1917. It is named after a farmhouse that stood nearby.

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My great-grandfather, Frank Bevington is buried at La Belle; his medal card records that he died from his wounds on 25th July 1917.

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7th S. Staffordshire Regt War Diary for the month of July. 1917

7th S. Staffordshire Regt
32nd. Inf Bde.
Herewith War Diary for the month of July. 1917
C.C Havland
Capt. & Adjt
for Lieut-Col.
Comdy. 7th S.Staffordshire Regt

25th July 1917
Enemy gas was again sent over about 2 a.m. Our artillery very active throughout the day; we find a practice barrage from 3 p.m to 3-14 p.m. Shrapnel barrage on front line was a little short. Enemy shelled the whole of our Area intermittently throughout the day, with special attention to out Coy H.Q in the WILLOWS, HEADINGLEY LANE & LANCASHIRE FARM. The front line is not in good repair, lacking a good parados, whilst the breastwork of the pararpet is in many cases very weak. The line is held by a series of 18 posts at 100 yard intervals approximately. The three main Communication Trenches are all in inferior condition: BOAR LANE on the right receives many direct hits each day: FUSILIER TRENCH is very broken & wet & does not properly exist for about 100 yards. This open path is continously shrapnelled. EALING TRENCH on the left is less safe than the other two. The support line - MIRFIELD TRENCH, HEADINGLEY LANE is not a fire trench, & the dug-outs are few and not very safe. Three Butts in front of it are manned. These are registered by the enemy. The third or 'X' line is useless. Work seems to have been neglected in this sector during quieter times, with the result that there is insufficient protection against the daily increasing fire. The line at WYSCHAETE, where the ground was similary marshy was in marked contrast, the C.Ts being really good, and the breastwork lines very strong. At 11 p.m 2/Lt C.V.Simpson with 11 O.R made their way into the enemy front line at junction of CAKE & CALABASH TRENCHES. No enemy were found. Casualties from shell fire heavy: Killed 6 Wounded 7.

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